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              The Eyes of Perfection

Camilla's Safe Haven

    The Eyes of Perfection depicts the troublesome days of Camilla Ruth Giarrusso, a prominent artist born in Cincinnati to Italian immigrants. In the early hours of June 15th, 1968, Camilla's life ceased during an untimely and unsettling transition from a cozy existence in Florence, Italy to an unstable residence in Jersey City, New Jersey. Detective Frank Williams discovers Camilla lying in a ditch, unconscious and barely clinging to life. Her prominence in the art community provides motives for investigators as the area is canvassed to determine the nature of this tragic and unexpected incident. During the investigation, personal secrets force immediate family members and close friends to sort out the unusual entanglements of her life. Camilla's reputation as a passionate Italian artist masks a rather uncertain and unstable lifestyle. In sincere attempts to balance close friendships while maintaining her artistry, the life of Camilla Ruth Giarrusso is overshadowed by her disturbing, lurking past. Is that past what brought her life to a close, or was it something far more sinister...?

    The Museum of My Life…Encompassed by triumph over mental strife…Unraveled from fragments of the truth…Painted on canvases…Displayed on high…Through this gallery…I see my life…Much portrayed from the opposite side…But I’ve been told there’s more than one side to every portrait…Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to paint mine…Mostly filled with moments left behind…The truth never leaves home…But lies seem to roam…To places far unknown…Painting a portrait I don’t condone…Instead I walk through this museum…Viewing these inaccurate depictions of my life…Ensembles from untruths you told…But in the depths of my hand I hold…The truth on a blank canvas…That’s never been used nor painted, but left untold,” James Giarrusso whispered in continuous rhythmic patterns as he sat in his jail cell in solitary confinement awaiting trial after his psychological examination.


      In moments of sadness, Oliver and Amelia attempted to cope. An unexpected occurrence happened as two strangers met in a rail car during a cargo train ride between Cincinnati, Ohio and Jersey City, New Jersey. After a brief conversation, one of the strangers grasped that the two had more history behind them than in front of them. Is this a coincidence or does this moment set the tone for a dramatic shift in a series of events?


    Detective Frank Williams, alongside Officer Williams and Officer Norman, was appointed by Detective Montgomery to investigate a 5 year cold case with few leads until a surprising twist of outcomes revealed a shrine at an abandoned home in Jersey City, New Jersey. Will this shrine lead to a new occurrence of unexpected events, stemming from book series, “The Eyes of Perfection?”


    Meanwhile, Ramón and Oliver began a massive construction project for Camilla’s Safe Haven, housed on the existing grounds of Camilla’s former residence in Jersey City, New Jersey. Life has changed…or has it changed at all in the events leading up to the completion and opening of Camilla’s Safe Haven?

Heart's & Poetry

    Prose captured from creative Souls...Resonating in and through the hearts and minds of beautiful beings Unfold...Willing to experience journeys of love and life Behold.


   Heart’s & Poetry is a collection of prose and poems written over a 20 year span. The poems showcase various subjects, ideas, and moods. A special dedication is included for the late Poet Daryl L. Parker a.k.a The Ghost...


    Experience life through my precious eyes as I reach souls and touch hearts and minds. I will explore love, pain, and triumph. Heart’s & Poetry resonates through the soul and details precious moments along life's paths and journeys.

   Chief Day organizes a team of expert investigators while creating a firestorm in The Eyes of Perfection. He continues to develop his case log in Camilla’s Safe Haven. As the progression of Camilla’s Safe Haven gets underway, Chief Day decides to complete his memoir for publication as he scavenges through a collection of 30-year case notes from his law enforcement career; one particular case includes Juneberry Lipstick. In Chief Day’s investigative efforts, he attempted numerous occasions to hound in on Juneberry Lipstick who has lately become the topic of his office briefings.


     On the opposing side of the law, Juneberry Lipstick orchestrates a plan to reunite with Chief Day in Camilla’s Safe Haven. After nearly 30 years, who knew the pair would have this unconventional encounter? Will this spark a re-investigation, or will Chief Day call it quits? 


     Both sides appear to have no immediate plans to fold. Will they resolve their differences, or will they restore vintage wounds? Juneberry Lipstick spares Chief Day no remorse as she prepares for the publication of her own memoir while creating a firestorm in her new era of Juneberry Lipstick.

Juneberry Lipstick

Book no.2
Book no.1
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